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Construction & Restoration
of Residential Homes

People are looking for a contractor they can trust. Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom, expanding a closet, or building a patio fountain, you have the right to be particular. It’s important to take your time and consider references, trade licensing, insurance, and communication style. I’m happy to share references and encourage you to read more about my personal guarantee.


Construction Design Consultation

Working with me to design your space helps you transform your dream vision into a feasible, structurally sound design. In most cases, we begin by looking at the arrangement of the floor plan, sections, and elevations to get a better idea about the living space. Do you want to change the complexion of your house to incorporate an oceanfront view? Do you have large furniture pieces which need to fit into the overall design? We can play with different concepts until we find what you like. I can also work with your specifications when you already have a design plan.


Custom Home Theater

Bring the movie theater experience home with your own theater room! I’ll help you navigate through your home theater project properly so you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, especially when choosing the right equipment. How do you see yourself using this room? Let’s sit down and figure out how to make your theater look good and sound good. Will you need it to be part of an existing room? Elaborate seating? Extra space for a bar? This is a fun project that will add years of enjoyment to your home.


Soundproofing and Recording Studios

There are different strategies involved for controlling noise from room to room, floor to floor, or outside to inside. Soundproofing reduces unwanted noise within a home and protects your privacy. Kids can be free to play, talk, or watch TV without worrying about disrupting parents who may be on an important phone call. In work environments, soundproofing can improve sound, as with a recording studio where good acoustics is crucial to quality work. Contact me when you need help understanding the latest technology in soundproofing materials.


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