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Is Your Living Space Ready for a Makeover?

Whether you’re thinking about building a new home theater or taking on a major renovation, you need a clear vision.  If you’re like most of my clients, you may not be entirely sure just where to start with your home project or you may have questions about the real costs and processes which go into a renovation.

I’m here to help you begin moving forward.  My name is Frank Villegas and I’m passionate about helping you build your dream addition.  My artistic eye for structure and function is trusted by industry experts, including Jeff Lewis of the popular TV shows, Flipping Out and Interior Therapy.  Lewis calls on my renovation team regularly for remodeling projects – even his own home, twice!

Now Is the Perfect Time to Create What You Want

It’s difficult to find exactly what you want in the housing market today.  Renovating is the only way to get a quality, individual design to suit your personal style.  With 19 years of experience, I’m ready to take you through the whole process with absolute clarity, whether designing a cozy nook, home office, sleek kitchen, or even a recording studio.

The beginning of any home improvement project is my favorite part and one of the most exciting and important steps. If you need a design, we have fun in the creative process.   If you already have a design plan, I can work with your specifications.  My goal is to deliver unsurpassed quality so you enjoy your new space for years to come.

What Kind of Home Renovation Will You Build?

I am currently available to begin new projects. If you’re thinking about a home makeover or renovation, pop your details into the form on the right. I’ll be in touch shortly to book a personal meeting with you.

Yours truly,
Frank “the Contractor” & Angelica Villegas



6 Questions We’ll Discuss at Our First Meeting:

What’s working in your current space?
What’s not working?
What do you envision?
How do you want your new addition to function?
What do you want it to feel like?
What’s most important to you?
Fill in the form below to request a call back about your project.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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