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Frank Villegas Featured in Jeff Lewis’s New Show on Bravo

Frank-and-Jeff-LewisFrank Villegas, also known as “Frank the Contractor,” will be featured in Jeff Lewis’s new show on Bravo. The show is called Interior Therapy and will be aired on BRAVO on July 9 at 9/8 CT. Frank has already been featured in Bravo’s Flipping Out and now, he is beginning to gain serious attention with his great work.

When it comes to home improvement, Frank the Contractor always has something to share. He has been working with Jeff Lewis for almost 14 years and his appearance on Lewis’s new show is considered the first time for him to get serious attention in the industry. Many have testified that Frank’s work is truly impeccable and he has already done several celebrity homes. Some of his famous contributions in the home improvement industry include the homes of Talia Shire and Chaz Dean (inventor of the WEN product). Frank also built a music studio for Talia’s sons, actor Jason and musician Robert Schwartzman, which included sound proofing.

For almost 18 years, Frank Villegas has been known for transforming studios and homes into a contemporary work of art and style. As said, he has known Jeff Lewis for 14 years and worked with him on his BRAVO shows Flipping Out and now Interior Therapy. Frank has personally remodeled Jeff’s home twice. He has the love and the passion as well as the extreme talent for which everyone is looking. Frank the Contractor builds with a touch of modern art in his style. At a young age, Frank started doing home repairs at his parent’s home and has been known to have an eye of a great artist and the right visual for anything that is related to building and construction.

Frank Villegas can transform the look of his customer’s studio or home with contemporary emphasis as well as great craftsmanship. His company, Style Construction & Design, offers residential home as well as studio restoration and construction.

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