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4 Reasons You Can Trust Me for Home Improvement

I’m Frank Villegas, so glad you’re here. For those of you who have seen an episode of Bravo’s Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, you might be curious to know more about “Frank the Contractor.” The opportunity to work on the show has been a remarkable experience. Yet, it’s really just an extension of what I love to do anyway – helping people enjoy their homes in a brand new way.

No two living spaces are ever the same. Each job has its own challenges, especially major renovations. My top priority is to build your dream renovation to be both visually appealing and structurally sound. I’m so thankful for my world class crew, who I know and trust, because they get the job done right.

After 19 years in the industry, I’ve developed a Four Reason Guarantee:

1. You are guaranteed an open-door policy. This is your home. You must feel free to check out the progress any time you like.
2. You are guaranteed timely communication. I will follow up with you as often as necessary to answer questions and make sure we are both on the same page.
3. You are guaranteed quality workmanship. Quality is enforced with quality assurance checks at every step. My team and I are trusted by industry experts to deliver unsurpassed quality and an enjoyable project experience every time.
4. You are guaranteed a happy project completion. I will do a thorough inspection with you within 90 days of the completion date to make sure you are happy with the project and address any details.
If you want your home remodeling job to go well, much depends on how people relate to each other. Over the years, I’m proud to say I’ve developed great relationships with my clients. It’s the people, along with the challenge of every project, that keep me passionate about what I do.

All the best,
Frank & Family

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